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To learn more about a particular EPCS application, you can click on the partner logo and you will be redirected to a summary page that provides additional information.

IdenTrust has partnered with multiple eHR/eMR application providers to supply the digital certificate to prescribers who use their software.  We have worked with these providers to determine exactly the type of certificate(s) that they support, including which hardware storage devices (i.e., smart card, USB token, etc.) that they would like prescribers to use. Our Certificate Selection Wizard will assist applicants in choosing the type of certificate that is specified by your provider.

If you would like to learn more about how to integrate the use of IdenTrust certificates into your eHR/eMR application for EPCS prescribing or to be added to our application list, please contact our IGC sales team at [email protected] or call 1 (866) 299-3335.