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Leading provider of digital certificates and managed PKI services (PKIaaS) for enterprise network and IoT security.

Trusted digital certificates for user authentication, TLS/SSL, email, and document signing. Our certificates are utilized for US government compliance, authorizing electronic prescriptions (EPCS), and authenticating e-notary seals.


Securing Your Institution's Digital Assets


United States Government

Federal, state and local government agencies trust digital certificates used for secure access to applications, digital signing and secure email.




Digital certificates satisfy DEA mandates for EPCS prescribing, protect healthcare data and secure access to medical devices and associated data.


Personal & Professional

Personal And Professional

Use a trusted identity-based certificate to digitally sign and seal electronic documents, secure email or use for eNotary services.


Enterprise & Corporate

Enterprise And Corporate

Leverage the power of identity-based, turn-key solutions to ensure data security and address a wide range of business challenges.


Banking & Finance

Banking And Finance

Discover a range of identity-based digital certificate products that provide convenient, highly secure authentication and digital signing solutions.


Architect and Engineer discuss building plans

Licensed Engineers and Architects

Submit digital documents with legally binding, non-repudiable digital signatures. Eliminate paper and shipping while ensuring document integrity.


Digital Security Solutions

Digital Signing

Digital Signing

Use digital signing to streamline signature and approval processes, eliminate paper and establish an electronic audit trail.

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Shield with lock on it

Secure Access

Implement digital certificate-based two-factor authentication to control access to systems, websites or applications.

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Email Encryption Image

Data & Email Encryption

Protect communications by using digital certificates to ensure the integrity of email messages and encrypt email contents.

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World Wide Web Icon

Internet of Trusted Things

Ensure the integrity, authentication and confidentiality of data and communications exchanged with disparate devices in the field.

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