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Submit digital document with legally binding, non-repudiable digital signatures.  Eliminate paper and shipping while ensuring document integrity. 

How to Choose the Right Digital Certificate

IdenTrust’s PKI-based IGC digital certificates are Cross Certified with the Federal Bridge and are widely used and accepted by Federal, State and Local Agencies as the preferred method to submit digitally signed and sealed documents.

When deciding on the right certificate, think about what you need it for and how you will use it.

  Medium Assurance Individual Identity Software Medium Assurance Business Identity Software

Medium Assurance Individual Identity Hardware | Adobe® AATL Certified

Medium Assurance Business Identity Hardware | Adobe® AATL Certified
Identity Type Individual without a business affiliation Individual with a business affiliation Individual without a business affiliation Individual with a business affiliation
Certificate Storage Software Based installed within a browsers certificate store. Installed on HID USB Token


Still need help choosing the right IGC digital certificate? Send us an email or call us at 801-384-3514.

How to Use Your IdenTrust Digital Certificate to Digitally Sign and Seal a Document

Typically, documents that are submitted with a digital signature and a professional seal are created using the digital signature function that is incorporated into Adobe®.

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Digital versus Electronic Signing

Digital Signing is a legal term that refers to documents that have been signed using a X.509 PKI digital certificate. This creates a legally binding, non-reputable signature and ensures the integrity of the document once it is signed.

Electronic signing does not require any type of validation of the signer’s identity and does not validate the individual is who they say they are.

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