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Apply Trusted Digital Signatures To Your Documents

IdenTrust digital document signing certificates allow individuals and organizations to replace wet ink signatures and create non-repudiable, legally binding signatures in digital documents. In today’s remote work environment, the use of digital signing businesses can streamline various processes, such as sign off of employee timesheets, approval of financial documents and execution of legal or sales contracts. Digital signatures can be executed remotely using any computer, laptop or other portable device on which the document signing certificate is stored. IdenTrust digital document signing certificates are issued to an individual (e.g. John Doe) or an individual who is affiliated with the sponsoring organization also named in the certificate (e.g. John Doe and IdenTrust Inc.).

IdenTrust digital document signing certificates meet many compliance and regulatory requirements such as the U.S. Federal ESIGN Act.

How It Works

USB Token    Certificate

Get your digital certificate on FIPS 140-2 compliance USB device or Smartcard


Digitally sign, using Microsoft Office®, Adobe Acrobat® or other application


Digitally signing is complete!

Benefits And Features


  • Digitally sign an unlimited number of documents using a single digital certificate
  • Universally trusted by Microsoft, Adobe, Libre Office, OpenOffice and many more
  • Approved through Adobe Approved Authority List (AATL) to be used as an Adobe digital signature certificate
  • No additional add-on required to use a digital certificate for document signing
  • Added security when certificates are stored on FIPS 140-2 compliant USB device or smartcard
  • Digital signatures never expire, even after certificate expiration
  • Free Timestamping Authority Server to add long term validity

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