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Medium Assurance | Organization Identity | Device

Protect data and communications exchanged between devices in the field

IGC Medium Device Certificates are compliant with the U.S. Federal Bridge CA (FBCA) Medium Device assurance levels; these certificates are intended for use on devices that require digital signing and encryption functions.  Ideal purposes for IGC Medium Device certificates include:

  • Identification of network devices
  • Server-to-server authentication
  • Client-server authentication within a known trusted environment
  • Server-level signing of EPCS messages. They are also ideal for any systems that need to communicate with U.S. Federal Government systems.

As part of the application process, you will need to provide a Certificate Signing Request (CSR), aka PKCS#10. Visit our How Do I library for detailed instructions for generating a CSR for your application.

At the conclusion of the online registration process, you will be provided a forms packet for download that must be completed and returned to IdenTrust for certificate approval.

Medium Assurance | Organization Identity | Device

Use Cases for Device Certificates

The connected world increasingly requires identity and authentication of devices. Depending on  the system, digital certificates for devices can be used to:

  • Ensure integrity of communication and data streams between devices
  • Protect the confidentiality of those data streams and the data stored in devices
  • Authenticate devices and servers in the field by providing trusted device mutual authentication
  • Facilitate device access control to allow for secure software updates to devices
  • Ensure device software integrity through code signing
  • Support static or dynamic credential provisioning
  • Authenticate to cloud video management services, providing signed content such as a video stream

Provide remote services around key management or rotation, software and application deployment and management of device date and information.

Certificate Management Center

Use our Certificate Management Center (CMC) to manage and renew your TLS/SSL certificate!