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Choose a Federal Bridge Certified IGC Certificate for eNotarization

Providing digital certificates required to participate as an eNotary

IdenTrust has been an authorized provider of digital certificates for use with government and commercial eNotary applications for over ten years.  As a Certification Authority (CA), IdenTrust provides IGC certificates that are approved for use by Notary Publics who wish to become an eNotary.  

Under the eNotary Program, a Notary Public can be established as an eNotary by applying for and being issued an identity-based digital certificate.  The eNotary can then use the digital signature and his or her digital notary seal to electronically notarize and validate documents, preserving data integrity and establishing non-repudiation of the signed document.  Authorized individuals acting as an eNotary can also customize the appearance of the digital signature with his or her own electronic seal and/or facsimile of a wet signature. 

Please use our helpful "How do I" pages to lean more:

Customize the appearance of a Digital Signature in Adobe®

Use Digital Certificates to Sign & Seal Documents

IdenTrust does not assist with the creation of the electronic notary seal; however, there are multiple online companies who can provide this type of service.  Use your browser to search for "Purchase an electronic notary seal" and several online vendors will be provided.

Choose a Federal Bridge Certified IGC Certificate for eNotarization

More About eNotarization

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Currently, laws regarding eNotarizations vary by jurisdiction and are permitted in a number of states.  The National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) affirms the role of the Secretary of State or other state notary commissioning entity as the sole authority to establish standards enabling electronic notarizations that will protect signature credibility, avoid identity fraud and provide accountability to the public when promoting secure electronic commerce.  In addition, NASS has formed a Remote Notarization Task Force that is dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of the issues and policies surrounding remote/video notarizations amongst states.

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