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Providing information about upcoming projects and changes

From time-to-time, IdenTrust will provide information that may interest you or have an impact on the certificate program you use. Check back often for interesting updates.

Important information about TLS/SSL certificates for U.S. Government trust

The Federal PKI Policy Authority (FPKIPA) has communicated a change that affects the way that browsers handle TLS/SSL certificates.  The FPKIPA has requested that the Federal Common Root be removed from all browsers.  This means that government-trusted certificates issued under a Federal Common Root chain, such as those issued under the IdenTrust ACES or DoD ECA programs, are no longer automatically trusted in standard browsers (public-trust).  

Learn more about FPKIPA announcement and recommendations regarding this change.

Learn more about the difference between government-trusted and public-trusted TLS/SSL certificates


TLS/SSL Security Update

Following up with our Enhanced Security Notification, and in line with industry security driven trends, by Q2/2020 IdenTrust is planning to discontinue support for TLS 1.1 and only accept communications via TLS 1.2 and the recently approved TLS 1.3 standard communications protocol.

Please let us know via if you are interested in testing the new TLS 1.3 or if you have any concerns about the TLS 1.1 deprecation; please add “TLS 1.3 Testing” or “TLS 1.1 Concerns” to subject line.


IdenTrust Launched AATL Enabled Certificates

When signing Adobe® PDF documents identifying yourself as having an affiliation with your employer,  and the certificate is installed in a hardware device (TrustID Business Representative Hardware), the digital signature is immediately trusted whenever the signed document is opened in Adobe® Acrobat® or Reader® software. IdenTrust AATL enabled TrustID Business Representative Hardware  Buy Now