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Publicly trusted TrustID certificates offer expedited delivery, economical pricing and ease-of-use

Publicly trusted TrustID certificates can be used with your existing email account to help protect email.  With a TrustID certificate you can digitally sign your emails so that the recipient knows for certain that the email came from you.  When you digitally sign an email with a TrustID certificate, the content of the message is locked to prevent tampering during transit, which provides additional security and preserves the integrity of your message.  With digital signing, even if a fraudster intercepts your emailed message, they cannot alter the contents or falsify the digital signature.

For added protection, your TrustID certificate can also be used to exchange encrypted email messages, the content of which is only intended for you to view.

TrustID digital certificates are publicly trusted.  Offering low cost Secure Email (Email Identity)  certificates, Personal (Individual Identity) certificates and Business (Business Identity) certificates, there is a TrustID digital certificate to meet every need.

  • The TrustID | Secure Email | Email Identity certificate is a low cost certificate that does not confirm your identity; rather, it confirms that you have access to and control over the email account that is associated with the certificate.
  • The TrustID | Medium Assurance | Individual Identity certificates and TrustID | Medium Assurance | Business Identity certificates are considered to be identity-based because the identity information provided during the registration process is vetted for accuracy.  Only then can a digital certificate be issued.
  • The TrustID | Medium Assurance | Business Identity | Hardware Storage | Trusted By Adobe® and the TrustID | Medium Assurance | Individual Identity | Hardware Storage | Trusted By Adobe® certificates, which are AATL Enabled,  make the digital signature trusted instantly when signed documents are opened in Adobe® Acrobat® or Reader® software, and can be used to sign unlimited number of PDF documents.

TrustID certificates integrate seamlessly with a variety of email products including:

There are several TrustID certificates that can be used for secure email.  It is important to know how your will use your certificate in order to choose the appropriate type to best suit your personal or business needs.  Learn more about the specific characteristics and current pricing for TrustID certificates or simply use choose BUY NOW and our Certificate Selection Wizard will help you make your selection.

When DoD government trust is required, IdenTrust offers DoD ECA certificates to meet your needs.
When non-DoD government trust is required, IGC certificates offer the ideal solution.