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Offering U.S. or Non-U.S. TrustID Individual or Business Affiliated Certificates

Publicly trusted TrustID® certificates offer expedited delivery, economical pricing and ease of use

Our publicly trusted TrustID product line offers various types of certificates to meet your business and personal needs.

Email Security

Email SecurityWith low cost S/MIME certificates you can secure your email communications, reassuring the recipient that emails signed using your S/MIME certificate have actually been initiated using your email address.

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For added protection use a certificate that is issued to you as an individual or you and the organization with which you are affiliated.  When using these types of certificates to sign your email, the recipient can be certain that you have initiated the email and not an imposter.  Simply choose an Individual or a Business certificate depending on your preference and needs.

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Document Signing

Digital SigningAn Individual or Business certificate can also be used as a document signing certificate.  Digital signing replaces wet ink signatures and creates non-repudiable, legally binding documents.  Certificates stored in a hardware device are also accepted under the Adobe® Approved Trust List (AATL) program; making digital signing using Adobe® products a simple and secure process.

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Website Security

Website SecurityUse IdenTrust TLS/SSL certificates to secure your website.  To meet your business needs, IdenTrust offers Organization Validated (OV) or Extended Validated (EV) TLS/SLS certificates with one or  two domain names in the base price and up to fifty additional domain names for an additional price each.

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FATCA Reporting

FATCA ReportingIdenTrust offers two types of certificates that are compliant with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).  Purchase a FATCA Business certificate that can be used for individual filings with the IRS or an IdenTrust TLS/SSL OV or EV certificate that can be used to secure online reporting to the IRS.

Select BUY NOW to purchase a FATCA business or an IdenTrust TLS/SSL certificate.

Offering U.S. or Non-U.S. TrustID Individual or Business Affiliated Certificates

Select a TrustID® certificate for strong protection with public trust


Publicly trusted certificates are trusted in Adobe® when applying digital signatures and in Microsoft® Outlook to support optional email digital signing and encryption.

IdenTrust TrustID public products include:

  • Business Representative Software certificates
  • Business Representative Hardware certificates (Business AATL Enabled)
  • Personal Software certificates
  • Medium Assurance Unaffiliated Hardware certificates (Individual AATL Enabled)
  • Secure Email (S/MIME) Software and Hardware certificates
  • IdenTrust TLS/SSL certificates - OV or EV
  • FATCA Organization Software certificates

Publicly trusted TLS/SSL certificates are defined as certificates that can be natively trusted when using common browsers such as Microsoft® Edge, Mozilla® Firefox, Google® Chrome and Apple® Safari. This means that the certificates are automatically recognized in these browsers; users will not experience any confusing security warnings and can avoid having to perform additional trust configurations.

IdenTrust TrustID certificates are publicly trusted and are available at highly competitive prices.

Certificate Management Center

Use our Certificate Management Center (CMC) to manage and renew your current TrustID certificate!