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The IdenTrust Certificate Management Center (CMC) is used to manage your certificate and your certificate account.

Check My Order Status

Use your application ID and password combination to check the status of your certificate application.


Access My Account

Use your active certificate or your account number and password combination to access the Certificate Management Center (CMC).

  • Renew your certificate if it is within 90 days of expiration
  • Revoke your certificate if information contained in it is no longer accurate or your private key has been lost or compromised
  • Update your contact information if you have moved or would like us to contact you at a different telephone number or e-mail address
  • Upgrade your certificate to a higher assurance level prior to renewing your certificate
  • Recover your encryption certificate (requires entering the account password you chose when you applied for your certificate)
  • Download software drivers for your High or Intermediate Assurance level digital certificate hardware


Test My Certificate

Use our test utility to confirm that your IdenTrust certificate is working properly.