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IdenTrust affiliated program partners are governments or commercial companies that have integrated IdenTrust identity-based certificates into their applications and processes to enhance security and improve processes.  Identity-based certificates are used to access secure websites, digitally sign documents, secure email communications and to apply digital professional, agency and notary seals. 

IdenTrust works with each partner to ensure that relevant information about the agency or business is gathered and configured in our system, making it easier for application end-users to select the certificate type used by the application, while providing a sense of comfort so that they are in the right place on the IdenTrust site.

Program specific TLS/SSL and device certificates are also offered under these programs to secure web server communications and access to devices.

Seal of Department of Defence

DoD ECA Program Partners

Using IdenTrust ECA certificates to allow access to Department of Defense websites and support email signing and encryption. 
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Doctor Prescribing Medication.

EPCS Program Partners

Using IdenTrust IGC certificates to digitally sign Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS). 
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Federal Bridge Logo/Seal

Government Program Partners

Using IdenTrust IGC certificates to allow access to secure government agency websites and facilitate digital document signing and sealing. 
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