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Offering online assistance by phone and email

As a world-class provider of digital certificates and associated services, IdenTrust is working hard to provide the necessary information about the digital certificates we offer. If you can’t find the information you need, please contact a member of our helpful support team. Our help desk members pride themselves on quickly and thoroughly answering customer inquiries via telephone or email.

Change Control Schedule

In compliance with our various Certificate Policies, IdenTrust posts change control schedules for the current year and the following year.

Document Library

The document library is a central repository for a variety of documents, forms and policies associated with the products and services provided by IdenTrust.

Downloads and Drivers

Root chain certificates are necessary to ensure that your certificate functions correctly. Access root chain downloads and installation instructions.

Education Center

Learn about new and innovative ways to use and manage your IdenTrust certificate, like how to secure your email and use Adobe® for digital signing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs are organized by certificate lifecycle events to help you quickly locate the answers you need and helpful information about your certificate

How Do I?

Here you can find instructional PDF documents to teach you how to manage and use your certificate for securing your email, digital signing and more.

Important Announcements

From time to time, IdenTrust will post important announcements about upcoming changes or events, so check back often to stay informed!

Our Helpful Support Team

IdenTrust is proud of our skilled support team which is touted for providing world-class customer support via telephone, chat and email.