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A comprehensive portfolio of TLS/SSL products for website security

Create online trust by protecting your customers’ personal and financial information

IdenTrust TLS/SSL certificates establish an encrypted connection between a browser or user’s computer and a server or website.  This connection protects in transit, sensitive data from interception by non-authorized parties, allowing online transactions to be conducted with complete confidence.

IdenTrust offers organization validated (OV) and Extended validated (EV) TLS/SSL certificates that includes registration of one or two domains included in the base price.  Up to 48 additional domains can be added to your purchase for an additional fee per domain. Based on regulatory requirements, TLS/SSL certificates can only be issued with a one year validity period.

IdenTrust is the #1 Certificate Authority in the world protecting over 50% of all websites with TLS/SSL certificates. Check out the usage statistics of TLS/SSL certificates.

Learn Important information about TLS/SSL certificates for U.S. Government trust

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A comprehensive portfolio of TLS/SSL products for website security

The IdenTrust Seal of Trust

The IdenTrust Seal of Trust

Each TLS/SSL certificate includes a seal that can be placed on your website to provide a visual confirmation of your security method.  Visitors to your website can click on the IdenTrust Seal of Trust to obtain real-time validation status, assuring them that your website is safe and secure.

Certificate Management Center

Use our Certificate Management Center (CMC) to manage and renew your IdenTrust TLS/SSL certificate!