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Meeting rigorous industry standards

IdenTrust TLS/SSL certificates meet the following technical specifications:

WebTrust BR SSL

WebTrust_CA Transparent


  • Offer only X.509 v3 digital certificates

  • Utilize 2048+bit key length

  • Support SHA-256 hashing algorithm

  • Provide Certificate Revocation List (CRL) and Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) validation services

  • Trusted natively in browsers

  • Comply with the industry-standard requirements of the Certification Authority Browser Forum (CA/B Forum)

  • Successful completion of relevant annual WebTrust audits

To purchase an IdenTrust TLS/SSL certificate, simply select BUY NOW and use our Certificate Selection Wizard to determine the best certificate to protect your application.

If interested in Enterprise TLS/SSL certificates, please contact us via email at or call (866) 763-3346 for more information.