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Since 1964, we have been making quality stamps, embossing seals and much more. We are family owned and operated with the third generation of our family currently steering the ship. We take pride in making your stamps and seals. Our products are handmade in our warehouse in Richmond, Virginia. Everything is assembled in the USA with some of our products being fully made in the USA

Acorn Sales has partnered with IdenTrust, Inc a world-renowned leader in Digital Certificates to provide you with the necessary digital certificates that will allow you to digitally sign as a Notary. Your Digital Notary Seal is combined with your digital certificate to create your Digital Signature.

Choosing Your Certificate

A notary public is required to have and use an identity-based digital certificate to digitally sign and seal each notarized document.  Once a digital signature is applied, the electronic document is encrypted so that it cannot be modified; thereby protecting against digital tampering and creating a non-repudiable legally binding document, in which relying parties can trust. For your convenience, IGC Basic and Medium Assurance certificates can be purchased with or without a storage device (HID USB token) according to your preference. Simply select "BUY NOW " and the IdenTrust Certificate Selection Wizard will assist you in choosing a certificate that is accepted by Acorn Sales to meet your business needs. Your digital certificate can also be used to secure your email communications through digital signing and encryption.

Applications for Basic Assurance certificates use an automated process that usually takes 24-48 hours. Certificates with Medium Assurance require stronger authentication, including in-person or remote identity proofing of the applicant. This process usually takes an estimated 2-5 days for remote identity proofing and an estimated 7-10 business days for in-person identity proofing. Your IGC Basic Assurance certificate is accepted for public use. If you will use your IGC certificate to interact with government agencies, we suggest that you purchase a Medium Assurance certificate.

Special Instructions

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Are you a notary interested in becoming a remote electronic notary on the Acorn Sales platform?

Have a Question? Give us a call! 804-359-0505 Monday - Friday - 9:30 am - 4:00 pm EST

Important Information

In the case where hardware is issued, ONLY THE SUBSCRIBER OF THE CERTIFICATE SHOULD HAVE EXCLUSIVE USE OF THEIR TOKEN – In all cases, THE DIGITAL CERTIFICATE IS YOUR FORM OF IDENTIFICATION, SIMILAR TO YOUR PASSPORT OR DRIVER’S LICENSE. Under the IGC Certificate Policy, it is our responsibility as an Authorized Certification Authority to revoke the certificate in a case of hardware loss or disclosure or compromise of the private key or any certificate related password to anyone other than the subscriber.