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Our technology makes practices and providers more efficient and successful.

With EPCS Prescribing, you can now securely transmit ePrescriptions to pharmacies for Controlled Substances (DEA Classes I, II, III, IV, and V). Exchanging prescription information electronically between physicians and pharmacies improves the accuracy of the prescribing process and saves time. The EPCS feature eliminates the need to print controlled substance prescriptions, streamlines the process for physicians, and helps to control the possible misuse of printed prescriptions. The feature enforces two-factor authentication when electronically prescribing Controlled Substances as required by the DEA.

Our advanced prescription management allows providers to check patient medication history, insurance benefits, formularies, and pricing, while securely and efficiently prescribing medications and managing refills as an integrated solution to provider calendars and clinical notes.

Quickly Write Prescriptions - Built-in drug database simplifies locating correct medications, generic and other formularies, commons scripts, educational materials, and drug-to-drug/allergy alerts. Check patient benefits and get pharmacy prices. Create order sets for even faster ordering of common scripts.

Easily Manage Medications - Review prescriptions and current medications by their color-coded status. Print a patient medication refill report with aging information. Check status of prescriptions. Order a refill or a new prescription based on last order.

Choosing Your Certificate

For Identity-Proofing Only

If you will be using non-IdenTrust credentials for EPCS prescribing, you are required to use an IGC Prescribing | Basic Assurance | Individual Identity | Software Storage | Identity Proofing Only certificate in order to accomplish DEA-compliant identity proofing. You can select this certificate option when you choose BUY NOW to access the Certificate Selection Wizard.

Select the 2-year option when asked to provide a certificate validity period.

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Special Instructions

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Important Information

You must be invited by your Administrator to generate a validated certificate. The certificate must be downloaded by the provider on a Windows PC using Chrome or Firefox PC browser via the Enabledoc instructions. Please consult your Administrator for more information.