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About DoD ECA Certificates

DoD ECA certificates are used to meet various business needs:

  • Facilitates access to secure agency websites
  • Secures and protects emailed communications
  • Enables government compliant, identity-based digital signing

There are three categories of DoD ECA certificates:

  • DoD ECA Assurance  
  • DoD ECA Medium Token Assurance 
  • DoD ECA Medium Hardware Assurance

Each government agency determines the type of certificate, based on the level of assurance, that is required to access its agency application. 

Using the Certificate Selection Wizard

Whenever possible, in order to assist you in selecting the correct certificate type, IdenTrust has worked with these agencies to configure our Certificate Selection Wizard so that when you apply for a DoD ECA certificate we will offer you the correct type of DoD ECA certificate that is interoperable with a specific agency application.

Choosing Multiple Agencies

If you wish to purchase a certificate that you can use to access more than one agency, you should select all of the agencies that you interact with from the list below.  Our Certificate Selection Wizard is designed to determine the type or types of DoD ECA certificates that can be used by all of the agencies you have selected. 

For example:

  • CANES (Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services) accepts both DoD ECA Medium Assurance and DoD ECA Medium Token Assurance certificates.
  • JPAS (Joint Personnel Adjudication System) accepts only DoD ECA Medium Token Assurance certificates.  

If you wanted a certificate to use for both CANES and JPAS, you would choose both agencies from the list below and the Certificate Selection Wizard would compare the CANES and JPAS configurations to determine which type or types of certificates that both agency applications will allow.  Based on this comparison, in this example, the Certificate Selection Wizard would offer you a DoD ECA Token Assurance certificate, which is allowable for both CANES and JPAS.

Additional Information

If you do not choose the appropriate agency/agencies out of the list below, you might not purchase the correct certificate type that is needed to access the agency application(s) with which you interact.  

Please note that DoD ECA certificates are not specific to any agency and they can be used to access all agencies that accept DoD ECA certificates (as long as you purchase a certificate that is approved for the agency application as described above).



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