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Customers trust their financial institutions.
Customers trust that their financial institutions protect their assets and information.
IdenTrust helps financial institutions to deliver on this trust.

In the age of the Internet and businesses doing more electronically, financial institutions now have an even greater responsibility to their customers not just to secure their financial assets and transactions, but trust that the institution will also protect their company and customer's identity information. Hackers and fraudsters continue to become more technolocally saavy and sophisticated as they tirelessly attempt to breech IT systems.

IdenTrust can help financial institutions through a comprehensive suite of identity products and services:

IdenTrust PLOT Rule Set IdenTrust PLOT
The IdenTrust PLOT (Policies, Legal Framework, Operations Hosting, and Technology) is a trusted Rule Set for identity authentication that was created by global financial institutions (a $170million investment). The PLOT Rule Set ensures that identities are issued, validated, and utilized in a standardized way inside and outside a financial institution, nationally and internationally. As a result, IdenTrust identities are globally interoperable under uniform private contracts recognized in more than 175 countries.

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Identity Network IdenTrust Participant Network
The IdenTrust Trust Network is a member based community of Financial Institutions, in which all members follow the same set of rules as defined by the IdenTrust PLOT Rule Set on the identity vetting, administration, validation, certificate manufacturing and storage to name a few. Because of this, all members within the network can rely on credentials issued by one another since everyone is following the standards and processes.

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Hosted Identity Infrastructure IdenTrust Hosted Identity Infrastructure
IdenTrust offers a hosted operational identity infrastructure based on the PLOT Rule Set. With the IdenTrust Trust Infrastructure, businesses and consumers minimize the risk of online fraud and identity theft without having to invest in creating and maintaining their own trusted identity framework and policies.

View IdenTrust Trust Infrastructure Brochure

With the combination of the IdenTrust PLOT, Network and Infrastructure, IdenTrust helps financial institutions and their customers expand trust to all types of electronic transaction and other communications over the Internet while still maintaining privacy. This prevents identity and other types of fraud, makes compliance easier and strengthens authentication which reduces the need for further regulation.

For more information about solutions for Financial Institutions, please contact us at or +1.866.IDENTRUST.

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