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IdenTrust FATCA IRS certificates enable foreign account reporting

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) requires that foreign financial institutions and certain other non-financial foreign entities report on the foreign assets held by U.S. account holders or be subject to withholding on eligible payments.

FATCA IRS Reporting requires that an identity-based digital certificate must be used when filing the required reports.  FATCA accepts an Organization Certificate or a TLS/SSL Server Certificate.

Use TrustID digital certificates to sign contracts and operational documents

About the IRS FATCA Program

About the IRS FATCA Program

Learn more about the IRS FATCA Program and what certificates are available to submit your filings

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IRS FATCA Organization Certificates

IRS FATCA Organization Certificates

Use this type of certificate if you are manually submitting your FATCA IRS report via the IRS website

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IRS FATCA  TLS/SSL Server Certificates

IRS FATCA TLS/SSL Server Certificates

Use this type of certificate if you use an automated interface to transmit FATCA reporting to the IRS

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IRS FATCA  Resource Materials

IRS FATCA Resource Materials

Access government sites to access and review documentation related to IRS FATCA filing

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International Data Exchange Service (IDES)

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FATCA/IDES accepts both types of IdenTrust FATCA certificates depending on the way that your reports are submitted to the IRS.

When submitting FATCA reports via a web-based interface, the International Data Exchange Service (IDES) is used.  IDES is an electronic delivery point where Financial Institutions (FI) and Host Country Tax Authorities (HCTA) can transmit and exchange FATCA data with the United States and transmit FATCA data directly to the IRS.

Certificate Management Center

Use our Certificate Management Center (CMC) to manage and renew your current IdenTrust certificate!