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Interoperable certificates used within and between financial organizations

Financial institutions can rely on legally binding trust for online transactions

Specifically designed for banks, the Trust Network is a member-based community of financial institutions.  All members follow the same set of rules as defined by the IdenTrust PLOT (Policies, Legal Framework, Operations Hosting and Technology) Rule Set which provides legally binding trust for online transactions with customers and partners.

PLOT is a trusted Rule Set for identity authentication that was created by global financial institutions.  The PLOT Rule Set ensures that identities are issued, validated and utilized in a standardized way inside and outside a financial institution, nationally and internationally.  As a result, IdenTrust identities are globally interoperable under private contracts recognized by over 150 countries belonging to the World Trade Organization.

For the banking community, the Trust Network is the Visa equivalent for identity, allowing banks to reduce their costs for identity authentication, technology investment and legal and regulatory compliance, while also creating a platform for dramatic process reengineering based on the use of auditable digital identities and electronic signatures.

Interoperable certificates used within and between financial organizations

Trust Network Resources

Trust Network Resources

Trust Network Participants

If you are currently a Trust Network participant, use your Trust Network certificate to access the Participant Website where you can locate information regarding policies, legal, operations, technology and much more.

Trusted Partner Network

The IdenTrust Trusted Partner Network connects you with all the partners in this community and provides a valuable resource on industry information, IdenTrust, other partners, solutions, demos, and much, much more.

Contact us to request access to the Trusted Partner Network website. IdenTrust will review your request and upon approval, a user name and password will be created and emailed to you within 1-2 business days.