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IdenTrust works with member banks to issue individual certificates based on globally recognized and regulated Know Your Customer (KYC) rules.  Financial institutions from around the world developed and agreed on the IdenTrust PLOT Rule Set; adherence provides non-repudiation and a limitation of liability.

Log-in and transactional authentication and encryption ensures privacy, security and non-repudiation.

Trust Network Certificates

TLS/SSL Certificates

TLS/SSL Certificates

Trust Network TLS/SSL certificates authenticate machine-to-machine communications during a Transport Layer Security (TLS)/Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection using a 256-bit certificate. TLS/SSL is widely used to protect information such as credit card numbers and account information via the Web. IdenTrust uses standard x.509 v3 certificates that work with all TLS/SSL-capable browsers and servers.

Business and Consumer Certificates

Business and Consumer Certificates

Using Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines, a bank can confirm the identity of its customers and issue Trust Network digital certificates to them. Bank customers can use certificates for digital signing and to authenticate themselves when transacting business electronically. These certificates can be issued to individuals (Consumer certificates) or to individuals who are affiliated with and will be representing a business or organization (Business certificates).

Know Your Customers

Know Your Customers

In the Trust Network, certificates that are issued by one bank are recognized by all banks in the network, as the use of Know Your Customer (KYC) for authentication is used ubiquitously and accepted by the banking and financial market. Because Trust Network certificate holders are authenticated using this standard, they can use their certificates to transact business with any Trust Network member bank.



The PLOT Rule Set is a combination of four (4) distinct elements that provide a comprehensive solution to risk management in digital transactions:

  • Policies
  • Legal Framework
  • Operations Hosting
  • Technology

Learn more about the PLOT Blueprint.

Issuing IdenTrust Trust Network Certificates 

  1. Customers or businesses register with an IdenTrust member bank by supplying their identity information and agreeing to minimum Terms and Conditions specified in the IdenTrust PLOT Rule Set.
  2. The IdenTrust member bank validates the identity information in accordance with Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.  IdenTrust verifies, at minimum, the following:
    a.    That the certificate applicant is authorized to act on behalf of the customer organization (Business and Server certificates only)
    b.    That the physical address, phone number and email address are valid
    c.    That the domain name ownership is valid (for Server certificates only)
  3. Once it completes the KYC procedures, the IdenTrust member bank sends an activation information and fulfillment package to the certificate applicant’s verified physical address via an out-of-band delivery method such as postal mail.  This package may include software drivers, installation instructions and a physical key storage mechanism such as a smart card or USB token.
  4. Using the activation information, the certificate applicant generates and retrieves their digital certificate.  With IdenTrust Trust Network certificates, banks can rest assured that they are providing their customers with a secure, proven digital certificate. 

Banks know their customers and customers know (and trust) their banks.  IdenTrust Trust Network certificates leverage that trusted relationship in an online world.

Trust Network Illustration

Benefits of Trust Network Certificates

Trust Network certificates:

  • Offer strong multi-factor authentication by using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that relies on both a public and private key to provide the strongest authentication available
  • Support global interoperability by being legally binding and accepted in all countries belonging to the World Trade Organization
  • Leverage existing infrastructure by using the IdenTrust hosted environment, enabling financial institutions to focus on customer service rather than building and maintaining a digital certificate infrastructure
  • Rely on the PLOT Rule Set which is offered to a members-only network to ensure compliance with the rule set, resulting in reduced risk when using electronic communications

IdenTrust bank issued certificates can be used by both financial institutions and customers for a variety of electronic commerce applications including:

  • Authenticating online account openings and maintenance
  • Loan origination
  • Treasury management
  • Electronic invoicing

To learn more about Trust Network certificates, please contact IdenTrust at [email protected] or call 1 (866) 763-3346.