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Partnerships are important for IdenTrust.

Historically, the IdenTrust sales model assumed that the financial institution members would integrate the IdenTrust rule-set into individual applications on an as needed basis. Initial focus was in the Business to Business (B2B) commerce area, with planned expansion in the consumer Internet banking applications. This assumption did not prove to be correct. Instead of a push from the customers to have the various institutional services utilize stronger authentication, customers focused solely on access. Thus, few applications were enabled and critical mass acceptance was slowed.

The new IdenTrust model acknowledges the criticality of having a large group of IdenTrust enabled applications available for financial institutions to easily adopt. If the workflow of the application already incorporates the IdenTrust identity as its authentication mechanism, adoption by customers will be easier and thus more rapid. Therefore, application business partners are a requirement for expanded the unique identity authentication solution that IdenTrust brings to the market.

IdenTrust has established relationships with industry-leading companies to help our members offer specific identity-enabled solutions that meet their unique needs. Our partners provide a comprehensive network of expert resources, complementary applications/technology, and supporting services that extend the value of Trusted Identity solutions. All partner relationships and solutions are carefully evaluated and certified as necessary to meet the relevant IdenTrust rules and implementation, and maintain the Trusted Partner standards through their IdenTrust-enabled customer implementations.

The IdenTrust Partner Program offers four categories of participation:
Solution or Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partners
Compliant Partners
Integration Partners
Reseller Partners

Common for the agreement based programs are identification of sales/marketing and technical point-of-contact people, access to the Trusted Partner site, joint tradeshow and promotion activities, presence on the IdenTrust website, invitation to the Partner Summits, exchange of opportunities and a jointly agreed sales plan.

IdenTrust Partner WebSummit Presentation
December 12, 2007
IdenTrust Partner WebSummit Presentation
March 19, 2008
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