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Use DEA-approved credentials for Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS)

EPCS is a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) regulation that allows prescribers and pharmacies to process prescriptions for controlled substances.  Under EPCS, prescribers use identity-based certificates to digitally sign ePrescriptions and pharmacies can validate those signatures to ensure authenticity before fulfilling a prescription for a controlled substance.  

IdenTrust EPCS solutions simplify EPCS compliance while allowing eHR/eMR partners to select authentication methods and implementation options that work for their application architecture and customer needs.  IdenTrust offers IdenTrust Global Common (IGC) certificates with credentials for EPCS usage, in accordance with DEA-compliant rules.

IdenTrust also provides services that support the Health Information Exchange (HIE) and DirectTrust® Partnership for Patients Program designed to ensure patient privacy and facilitate exchange of medical records within a secure network.  See DirectTrust® Compliant Solutions below for more information. 

Prescribers: Your eHR/eMR provider may require you to purchase a specific certificate and/or hardware type to use with your eHR/eMR application.  Our Certificate Selection Wizard will assist you in selecting the products you need.  Select BUY NOW if you are ready to purchase your certificate with credential.

IGC certificates comply with DEA requirements for EPCS and electronic healthcare.

Let us help you select your EPCS-compliant digital certificates for prescribers

EPCS for  Prescribers

EPCS for Prescribers

Purchase credentials for use with your eHR/eMR vendor software to sign EPCS prescriptions

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EPCS for eHR/eMR Application Providers

EPCS for eHR/eMR Application Providers

Allow IdenTrust to assist in enabling your eHR/eMR application for EPCS prescribing

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EPCS for Pharmacies

EPCS for Pharmacies

Use the IdenTrust Cloud Validation Service to ensure compliant EPCS processing

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DirectTrust  Compliant Solutions

DirectTrust Compliant Solutions

Supporting Health Information Exchange and Partnership for Patient Programs

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Simplifying EPCS implementations through relationships and expertise


IdenTrust has worked with all five (5) DEA-approved auditors supporting EPCS processing.  Their familiarity with IdenTrust and knowledge of our EPCS offerings helps simplify the compliance and audit process for eHR/eMR application providers, allowing faster time to market.   

Certificate Management Center

Use our Certificate Management Center (CMC) to manage and renew your current IGC certificate!