A Low Cost Solution to Mitigate Email Hacking!

Use a TrustID Secure Email Certificate to fully protect your emailed communications. Electronically signed email locks the content of the message to prevent tampering during transit, providing additional security and preserving the integrity of your message. These certificates also support applying an electronic signature to an email message, allowing the recipient of your email to easily authenticate the email address from which your message has been sent.

TrustID Secure Email Certificates are issued to an applicant’s confirmed email address. Based on the selected purchase option, the certificate is stored in a browser, token or smart card. To apply for a TrustID Secure Email Certificate, click on the desired option below and you will be guided through a simple application process. Upon confirmation of the email address you provide in your application, you will receive emailed instructions for retrieval and installation of the certificate. Once retrieved, your certificate will be ready to sign and/or encrypt email messages from any of these supported email clients:

  • Microsoft® Outlook and Outlook Express
  • Mozilla® Thunderbird
  • Lotus Notes® Mail
  • Apple® Mail

1 TrustID® Secure Email Software-Based Solution
Use from a SINGLE computer
Installed in a browser:
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla® Firefox

2 TrustID® Secure Email Hardware-Based Solution
  • Use from MULTIPLE computers
  • Enable access control to computer
Installed in a device:
  • USB eToken ($65)
  • Smart Card ($50)
  • Smart Card & Reader ($66)

3 In the Secure Email Certificates section at the bottom of page 2, indicate the quantity needed for the certificate option desired and follow the form's submission instructions on the last page.