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Creating a positive user experience

When selecting a TLS/SSL certificate, a critical consideration is whether or not the issuing Certification Authority (CA) of the certificate is “natively trusted” in common browsers.  Another term for native trust is “Public Trust”.  IdenTrust TLS/SSL certificates are compliant with the requirements defined by the Certification Authority Browser Forum (CA/B Forum), which is necessary to become a natively trusted CA in browsers.  IdenTrust is accredited with the major browser providers, allowing certificates issued by IdenTrust to be natively trusted.

When the issuer  of a TLS/SSL certificate is not natively trusted, the website visitor may be presented with confusing warnings and may be required to accept a message indicating that the server certificate is unknown.  With IdenTrust certificates, this situation is completely eliminated.

IdenTrust TLS/SSL certificates can be installed in any server that supports X.509 certificates.

IdenTrust TLS/SSL certificate are natively trusted with the following browsers:

  • Apple® Safari (for OSX and iOS)
  • Blackberry®
  • Google® Chrome (for Windows®, Apple® OSX and Android®)
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer and Edge
  • Mozilla® Firefox (in Windows®, Apple® OSX and Linux® environments)
  • Oracle® Java

To purchase a TLS/SSL certificate, simply select BUY NOW and use our Certificate Selection Wizard to determine the best certificate for your application.