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Please note that Mozilla Firefox is no longer supported for retrieval of digital certificates; however, you may use the browser once you have enabled FIPS. To enable FIPS, follow the below instructions:

  1. Go to: Options > Security > Logins > Master Password.
  2. Enter and confirm the “Password”.
  3. Next, go to: Options > Advanced > Certificates > Security Devices > Enable FIPS.

Your browser is now FIPS-enabled. To export/back-up the digital certificate, follow the below instructions:

  1. Click the “Tools” menu at the top of Firefox.
  2. Click “Options”. Depending on your version of Firefox, you will either have icons on the left side or on the top of the “Options” window.
  3. Click the “Advanced” icon.
  4. Open the “Certificate Manager” window.
    • If your icons are on the top of the “Options” window, click the “Security” tab. Then click “View Certificates”.
    • If your icons are on the left side, look for “Certificates” in the main part of the “Options” window. Under the “Certificates” heading, click “Manage Certificates”.
  5. Select the certificate that you want to export. Then click the “Back-Up” button.
  6. Choose the location to save the certificate file being created, give it a name and then click “Save”.
  7. If prompted, enter the master password for the “Software Security Device” and click “OK”.
  8. Create and confirm a back-up password to protect the file being created. Then click “OK
  9. You should see an “Alert” saying “Successfully backed up your security certificate(s) and private key(s)”.