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Verizon Business Security Solutions

Length of time as an IdenTrust Trusted Partner: Since 2005

Type of partnership with IdenTrust: Compliant

Geographies covered under this partnership: U.S.A., EMEA, Asia-Pacific

Company Profile:
Verizon Business is one of few security providers that can help customers secure data, identities -- and their customer's confidence -- at the device, along their network, and around the world. Itís security at the individual interaction level on a global scale.

The solutions we recommend to our customers are based on each individual level of risk and risk tolerance. Verizon Business provides the appropriate mix professional services, managed services and technologies. And, these services are delivered as our customers need them through full outsourcing, managed and hosted services and self-service models. Cybertrust, an information security leader for more that 15 years was acquired by Verizon Business in 2007. Verizon Business incorporated the focused security expertise of Cybertrust into all its security solutions.

Contact Information:
Verizon Business
4 New Square
Bedfont Lakes
TW14 8HA
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 208 831 2600

Verizon Business Logo

Security Strategy and Consultation - we work with your team to review your current strategy, ensure compliance to regulatory requirements or to help you build a new security plan. Expertise in the forensics investigation of security events.

Threat and Vulnerability Management - Our teams see beyond the headlines into the heart of the Internet to identify unusual and suspicious activity that could soon be at your doorstep. Our abilities are not limited to premise solutions as we provide protection "in the cloud", that helps protect your business from harm and also include testing your network to see if it is safe from possible intrusion.

Identity and Access Management - Our Identity and Access management solutions provide the required tools and strategies to implement a program that secures your communications and transactions with employees and customers.

Security and Compliance Programs - From information security management to assessing and implementing security policies and practices all the way to fully outsourcing your CSO role. We can manage aspects of your security initiatives or literally take it over for you.

Intelligence, through the ICSA Labs, an independent division of Verizon Business.

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