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FATCA/IDES accept both IdenTrust certificates. Use the table below to understand all features and select the certificate that is simpler for you obtain

Feature FATCA Organization Certificate SSL Server Certificate
Supported by FATCA / IDES Yes Yes
Price 1-year $99 $99
2-year $159 $159
Information Needed Organization Information Yes Yes
Requestor Information Yes Yes
Business Email Yes No
Fully Qualified Domain Name (what is this?) No Yes
GIIN Optional No
Organization Website Optional No
Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Automatically generated in browser Manually generated in server (how?)
Certificate Download Automatically to browser Presented on screen
Certificate Exportability Yes, from your browser Yes, from your server
Operating System Supported (for application and download) Windows 7, 8.x+
  • Internet Explorer 9.x+
  • Firefox
MAC OSX 10.9+
  • Safari
  • Chrome
SSL certificates are held in a server. IdenTrust supports any server that can generate a valid CSR.

To apply for and download the certificate, the browsers on the left are supported.
Standard Approval Time 2 to 4 business days 3 to 5 business days
Teams Directly Involved in Issuance You You and the team controlling server

888.248.4447 (within the US)
801.384.3481 (outside the US)
Hours: M-F, 7am-11:59pm GMT

IRS FATCA Program Page
IRS - FATCA Online Registration Guide
Frequently Asked Questions
How to Export a Certificate
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