Life File Provider ePrescribing Portal

IdenTrust has partnered with Life File, LLC to issue Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) digital certificates which are DEA compliant Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) identity credentials. As a certified Certificate Authority under the US Federal PKI Policy, IdenTrust credentials are cross-certified by the Federal Government and meet all requirements regarding Two-Factor Authentication requirements for EPCS.

If you are a provider who plans to start sending controlled substance prescriptions to a Life File networked pharmacy, please click on the "Buy" button below to begin the registration process for your EPCS OTP token/Certificate.

Life File provides innovative cloud services that increase the safety, accuracy, and efficiency of the compounded medication ordering process. With Life File, authorized providers gain access to ePrescribing, compound, order history, order status, compliance, reporting, and more. If you wish to know more about Life File's provider portal and EPCS services, please call 800-902-6048 or email

IdenTrust Global Common Certificates (IGC)

IdenTrust Global Common (IGC) digital certificates are cross-certified with the U.S. Federal Bridge Certification Authority, enabling trust, and interoperability with a wide range of systems and applications. Each individual IGC Certificate includes both a certificate for authentication/digital signing and a certificate for encryption.

To learn more about IGC Certificates, please visit

Click on the link below to begin the registration process for your IGC Certificate.

When selecting Hardware Type, select Hybrid USB Token SafeNet OTP Token (add $68.00 USD) for Life File approved hardware. An OTP Service license ($60.00) is required with the OTP Token and will be added to your purchase (total add $128.00).

Please note for EPCS signatures, utilization of two-factor authentication (2FA) is required by the DEA.

*Hardware certificates must be retrieved using Internet Explorer. Once retrieved, you may use your hardware certificate with any application that supports standard x.509 certificates.