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You must have a copy of the IdenTrust|DST root certificate present in your system before you can begin using your certificate. Current version of Internet Explorer already have IdenTrust|DST's root certificate installed. The root is pushed to the browser when you retrieve your certificate; however, if for some reason the root gets deleted or you need to install it separately, it can be downloaded from the IdenTrust|DST Web site using these procedures.

Internet Explorer - Complete the following steps to download the root certificate using Internet Explorer:

  1 Launch Internet Explorer.
  2 Navigate to the IdenTrust website to download the Root Certificate under Support and then Download Menu:
  3 Click the "Install TrustID Root Certificate for Web Browsers" link. The Certificate Chain Download Instructions appear.
  4 Print the instructions by Clicking the Print button in your browser's toolbar.
  5 Click the link that says "Download Internet Explorer Root Certificate Chain." The File Download dialog box appears.
  6 Select Save this file to disk, then Click OK. The Save As dialog box appears.
  7 Browse to your Windows desktop, then Click Save.
The certificate chain has now been saved to your desktop.
  8 Locate the file on your desktop. It will be named "ie" or "ie.p7b."
  9 Double-Click the file. The Certificate Import Wizard appears.
  10 Follow the instructions to complete the wizard. When the wizard presents the Select a Certificate Store screen, select the "Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate" option.
After you have completed the wizard, the Root Certificate Store message appears.
  11 Click Yes to add the certificate to the root store. A message appears that says the import was successful.
  12 Click OK to close the message.
The IdenTrust|DST root certificate is now installed.

The DST root certificate is now installed.

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