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IdenTrust offers certificates that are approved for interoperability with DoD ECA applications

IdenTrust is one of a limited number of approved ECA vendors, having received our Approval to Operate (ATO) under the IECA program in 2000, after completing a rigorous certification program. As an approved ECA vendor, IdenTrust must fully comply with the policies and practices that are prescribed under the DoD Certificate Policy.

ECA certificates are digital credentials that attest to the certificate owner’s identity and affiliation.  They can be issued to people who reside in the U.S. or in a country that is approved by the U.S. government.  The Department of Defense (DoD) relies on these credentials to ensure the identity of a user who is accessing DoD information systems.  DoD ECA certificates can also be used for digital document signing and to secure email communications.

ECA certificates may only be issued to individuals who are affiliated with an organization that interacts with DoD systems. This affiliation will be designated during the application process and will be confirmed prior to certificate issuance.

IdenTrust also offers DoD-approved TLS/SSL certificates to secure website applications.

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