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ECA Certificates have different characteristics

It is important to know what type of ECA certificate your DoD application requires.  While DoD ECA certificates are backward compatible, you cannot use a lower assurance certificate to access a DoD site that requires a certificate with a higher level of assurance.

For example, an ECA Medium Token Assurance certificate would be able to access applications that only require a Medium Assurance (software-based) certificate.   If you require access to multiple DoD applications, you should select the higher assurance level certificate.  Our Certificate Selection Wizard will help you make the appropriate selection based on the DoD application(s) that you need to access.

Please be aware that DoD policy requires that you retrieve your certificate within 30 days from the date that your forms are signed. If you are not able to complete this process and retrieve your certificate before that time elapses, your application will be cancelled and you will need to start this process again from the beginning. Before starting your application, please ensure that you will be able to complete all steps within 30 days.

In order of assurance (lowest to highest), there are three (3) types of ECA medium assurance certificates available to you.  IdenTrust also offers a DoD-compliant TLS/SSL certificate that is used to secure your website communications and identify your organization or agency.  View additional product information by selecting a product link.

ECA Medium Assurance
ECA Medium Token Assurance
ECA Medium Hardware Assurance
ECA Medium Assurance TLS/SSL

If ten (10) or more employees in your company need an ECA certificate, IdenTrust offers a volume discount. We also have the Trusted Agent Program that allows an individual(s) in your organization to perform the in-person identity vetting of all your employees. To learn more, view our Trusted Agent datasheet or contact our ECA Sales team at [email protected] or call 1 (888) 882-1104.

To purchase a DoD ECA certificate, simply select BUY NOW and use our Certificate Selection Wizard to determine the best certificate for your application.