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Understanding your options is key

As part of an overall program to provide a stronger and more secure authentication mechanism for accessing DoD information systems, the Department of Defense (DoD) may require contractors to have DoD PKI-enabled ECA certificates.  A notification sent by your DoD System Owner should indicate the specific DoD ECA certificate required to access their applications.  In addition, in most cases, IdenTrust has pre-established relationships with application owners; therefore, we know the correct ECA certificate for a particular application.

ECA certificates are downward compatible, but a lower assurance certificate cannot be used to access an application that requires a higher level of assurance.  For example, if a DoD application requires a Medium Token Assurance certificate, you cannot use a Medium Software Assurance certificate (which is a lower assurance certificate) to access the site; however, if a Medium Software Assurance certificate is required, you can use a Medium Token Assurance or Medium Hardware Assurance certificate to access the site.  Our Certificate Selection Wizard will help to guide you through this process and we will only offer you the certificates that are accepted by the agency or agencies you have selected.

Providing DoD Access using ECA certificates

IdenTrust currently supports multiple DoD Program Partners.  Be aware that IdenTrust is always adding new agencies, so if you don’t see the application that you need to access, don’t worry!  You will have an opportunity during the application process to provide us with the application name and IdenTrust will certify the agency and add it to our list.

To purchase a DoD ECA certificate, simply select BUY NOW and use our Certificate Selection Wizard to determine the best certificate for your application.