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IdenTrust Timestamping Authority Server is a service that binds the digital certificate used to sign a digital file with the data being signed, creating a unique sequence of characters or encoded information known as hash, and also identifies when a certain event has occurred. The result is a trusted accurate digital date and time stamp seal embedded within the digital file that contains X.509 digital signatures. Any change in the timestamped file will break the timestamp seal alerting the user that the file is no longer in its original state.

Applying Timestamping

Users who wish to add IdenTrust Timestamping Authority Server to bind the digital certificate, such as executable code in a file signed with an IdenTrust Code Signing certificate, will need to POST an RFC 3161 protocol compliance message to Any software tool compliant with the RFC 3161 protocol is supported, such Microsoft® SignTool and Authenticode and other similar applications.

Users who wish to add timestamping to PDF files that are signed with IdenTrust personal or business digital certificates must add '' as the Timestamping Server to their local Adobe® Acrobat or Adobe® Reader configuration. Our article How to Add IdenTrust Timestamping Authority Server to Adobe will guide you through this process.

Users who wish to add IdenTrust Timestamping Authority Server to Microsoft® MS-Office® digitally signed documents can do it following the instructions in our article  Apply IdenTrust Timestamping Authority to Microsoft Office Digitally Signed Documents.

Timestamping Users

Individuals signing digital documents with an X.509 digital certificate will benefit by using the IdenTrust Timestamping Authority Server which preserves the digital signature within the timestamped digital file, allowing it to be accepted by operating systems and software applications, even after the signing certificate expires or has been revoked.

Cost of Timestamping Authority Server

This service is free of charge as a complement to IdenTrust Digital Certificate offerings listed below. The use of IdenTrust Timestamping Authority Server is subject to these terms and your use of this service automatically indicates acceptance.

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