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FAQ Question

I’m trying to renew and I get a message that says I need to login to the Certificate Management System with my certificate. What does this mean?

FAQ Answer

In order to renew your certificate before it expires, if you have a software certificate you must be on the computer where your certificate is currently stored.  If your certificate is stored in a Smart Card or USB Token you must have the device attached to the computer that has the Smart Card or USB Token software .  When you login to the Certificate Management Center, a window will appear with your name in it. You must highlight your name and click "OK". If your name is not in the box, it means that your certificate is not on the computer you are using. Other suggestions:


  • If your certificate is on another computer, please renew it from that computer. 
  • If your certificate is no longer on any computer, you will need to replace your certificate first and then renew it. 


For additional information about managing your certificate, visit our How Do I library.