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Use professional seals in the submission of professional plans and documentation

Digital signatures created with IdenTrust certificates can be configured to add a digital agency or a professional seal to your digital signature.  The relying party or agency accepting your digital signature may require you to use a specific format, so it is best to work with the relying party or agency to determine if there are any special instructions with which you need to comply.  Digital seals are typically available through the same vendor that supplies your rubber or embossing seals.

How Digital Signatures Are Created Using a Digital Certificate

Typically, documents that are submitted with a digital signature and a professional seal are created using the digital signature function that is incorporated into Adobe®. A digital signature is created by using an identity-based certificate. The digital signature can be configured to incorporate an official digital seal to replace the traditional stamped or embossed seal paired with a wet ink signature.

In order to properly validate IGC certificates, Adobe Reader requires a one-time process to “trust” the IdenTrust IGC Root certificate. This can be accomplished by installing an .fdf file on the computers that are being used to view digital signatures in Adobe. View our PDF IGC CA Certificate Root Chain Download Instructions.

If you are ready to purchase your Federal Bridge Certified IGC certificate for digital signing and sealing, simply select BUY NOW and use our Certificate Selection Wizard to determine the best certificate for your needs.