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Create Digital Signatures Using Digital Certificates

Typically, documents that are submitted with a digital signature are created using the digital signature function that is incorporated into Adobe®; however, there are other means of securing and validating signatures, as well. A digital signature is created by using a valid (not expired or revoked) identity-based certificate and documents can be created to include one or more digital signatures. By applying a digital signature, the document can be “locked down” so that once it is signed, it cannot be changed. A digital signature contains a time and date stamp that is validated each time the document is opened, creating a permanent electronic audit record.

Based on the many options that can be used in conjunction with digital signing, your organization can easily identify multiple opportunities to streamline processes, eliminate paper and create electronic audit trails.

Common uses for digital signing include:

  • Wire transfer requests
  • Loan applications
  • Internal forms 

Learn how to create and sign a PDF document using Adobe® and an IdenTrust digital certificate.

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