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Attention: As of January 24, 2019, IdenTrust is no longer offering the SafeNet OTP Hybrid token. 

When choosing an IGC certificate to use for EPCS prescribing you will select the eHR/eMR application provider with which you do business. 


We have worked with each provider to determine the type of certificate(s) you should use with their application; however, if your EPCS application provider is not listed, you may choose *My Vendor Program is not Listed" and you will be able to choose from a list of certificates.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Basic Assurance Unaffiliated Software certificates can only be used for identity purposes.


If you are going to use your certificate for EPCS prescribing, please be sure to select a Basic Assurance Unaffiliated Hardware certificate. 


Select your application provider from the list below, then select NEXT.

EPCS for Prescribers

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