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A DoD ECA digital certificate must be revoked when, among other reasons, it has been compromised, lost or someone in the organization has left or been terminated.

In order to request revocation, you need to be the Subscriber, an Authorized Employee within the organization or the Trusted Agent.

If you are a Subscriber, please follow the Subscriber Revocation Procedure below:

A Subscriber’s revocation request must be communicated electronically to IdenTrust by sending a digitally signed email with the private key of the certificate to be revoked. As an additional insurance measure, the request must also be submitted over the phone by calling IdenTrust Support at

+1 (888) 882-1104 (U.S.)


+1 (801) 384-3474 (International).

The digitally signed message may be submitted to IdenTrust Support ([email protected]) or to the organization’s authorized Trusted Agent. In either case, the Subscriber must provide a reason for revocation. If the revocation is being requested for reason of key compromise or suspected fraudulent use of the private key, then the revocation request must so indicate.

If the email is addressed directly to IdenTrust, upon positive verification of the digital signature, an IdenTrust Registration Agent will revoke the Subscriber’s IdenTrust DoD ECA digital certificate used to create the signature.

If the email is addressed to the Trusted Agent, she/he will:

  • Verify the Subscriber’s signature;
  • Ensure a revocation reason is provided;
  • Collect and zero out any information on the smart card or USB token;
  • Create a record; and
  • Submit the request to IdenTrust Support via email and a telephone call.

The Trusted Agent will:

  • Provide the Subscriber’s information;
  • A revocation reason;
  • Attach the original signed request; and
  • Digitally sign the message with his/her IdenTrust DoD ECA digital certificate.

Medium Hardware certificates require an in-person identity verification by an IdenTrust employee or by a Trusted Agent. Requests for these certificates must indicate if the smart card or USB token was returned and zeroed out by including the hardware serial number.

An IdenTrust Registration Agent will verify the Trusted Agent’s digital signature, confirm completeness of the information and ensure that the Trusted Agent is authorized by the Subscribing Organization. Upon positive confirmation, the IdenTrust Registration Agent will revoke the Subscriber’s certificate.

If the Subscriber cannot digitally sign a revocation request (i.e., a locked or lost token), the individual must contact the authorized Trusted Agent in person and provide proof of identity equivalent to the proof provided during initial registration. If the request is for a Subscriber Certificate, after confirming the Subscriber’s identity, the Trusted Agent will submit a digitally signed revocation request to IdenTrust Support as outlined above.

If you are an Authorized Representative of the Subscribing Organization, please follow the Subscribing Organization Revocation Procedure below:

An organization must request revocation through the authorized Trusted Agent. The Trusted Agent is responsible for authenticating requests other than those received from the Subscriber. The Trusted Agent will confirm the identity of the requestor in-person or by using a message from the requestor digitally signed with an IdenTrust DoD ECA digital certificate.

In exceptional cases, when the organization does not have immediate access to a Trusted Agent (i.e., the Trusted Agent is being terminated), an organization representative (i.e., personnel office representative) can request revocation directly via a signed email and a call to IdenTrust Support, or by mailing the request on company letterhead and containing a notarized signature, to the IdenTrust Registration Desk. The communication should include the information about the Subscriber’s certificate to be revoked. If the revocation is being requested for reason of key compromise or suspected fraudulent use of the private key, or if the smart card or USB token could not be collected and zeroed out, then the revocation request must indicate key compromise. The notarized letter should be sent to:

IdenTrust Registration Desk
5225 W. Wiley Post Way
Suite 450 Salt Lake City, UT 84116