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If you need to decrypt information (such as an email or a document) that you have encrypted with your DoD ECA digital certificate, you need to request “Key Recovery” of the decryption private key. IdenTrust securely stores (escrows) all decryption keys for when the Subscriber, the Subscriber Organization or law enforcement requires it.

In order to obtain the decryption key, you need to be:

  • The Subscriber
  • An authorized representative for you organization (“Subscribing Organization”); or
  • Law enforcement.

If you are the Subscriber or an authorized representative from the Subscribing Organization, you should:

In many organizations, the Trusted Correspondent acts as the KRO. Your KRO will help you complete and submit your request. If your organization does not have a KRO or you cannot determine who he/she is, please contact the IdenTrust helpdesk.

If you are law enforcement, please contact the IdenTrust helpdesk.