ScriptRx ePrescribing EPCS Certificate Center

Built on Bravado Health's market-leading software used in hundreds of medical facilities around the country, ScriptRx adds unmatched end-user and corporate-level configurability to make it the right prescribing tool for a broad range of clinical environments.

ePrescribing makes the process of getting medications to patients as safe and convenient as possible, both for the provider and the patient. Bravado Health was one of the first companies to certify its ePrescribing solution and is in the forefront of ePrescribing for Controlled Substances.

ScriptRx Features:
  • Post-discharge care management
  • ePrescribing and EPCS
  • Discharge instructions
  • Allergy and drug interaction checking
  • Follow-up referral reports
  • Patient follow-up and communication via text message
  • Practice management and billing solutions
  • Meaningful use certified
  • 24/7 support

Bravado Health has teamed up with IdenTrust, to provide identity proofing and issuance of Digital Certificate Tokens used to digitally sign and electronically send prescriptions for controlled substances. By providing the required information to IdenTrust, you will have the ability to seamlessly complete remote identity proofing that will be valid for two years.

Please have the providers contact or call 561-805-5935 x1 (M-F 8am to 5pm EST) when they receive their IdenTrust certification.

To order prepaid vouchers for your providers or have a prepaid order number setup for your providers in the IdenTrust system, please contact Please be sure to mention that the credentials will be for use with Bravado’s ScriptRx software.

IdenTrust Global Common Certificates (IGC)

IdenTrust Global Common (IGC) digital certificates are cross-certified with the U.S. Federal Bridge Certification Authority, enabling trust, and interoperability with a wide range of systems and applications. Each individual IGC Certificate includes both a certificate for authentication/digital signing and a certificate for encryption.

To learn more about IGC Certificates, please visit

Click on the link below to begin the registration process for your IGC Certificate.

During the registration process, please select the Smart card option for Bravado Health approved hardware.

Please note for EPCS signatures, utilization of two-factor authentication (2FA) is required by the DEA.

*Hardware certificates must be retrieved using Internet Explorer. Once retrieved, you may use your hardware certificate with any application that supports standard x.509 certificates.

For IDENTITY PROOFING ONLY - You can start the process by clicking on the Buy button below

For e-Prescribing only - not EPCS