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iSalus Healthcare has partnered with IdenTrust to identity proof OfficeEMR prescribers and issue a digital certificate they will use to sign controlled substance electronic prescriptions.

In order to complete the identity proofing process, you will need to provide your driver's license or state ID information and a valid personal credit card. Once your identity is validated, IdenTrust will mail a USB Token to your personal address if you have applied for a USB token. Otherwise, you will receive your certificate electronically if you applied for a certificate that doesn't require a USB token. Prescribers will then setup this token with their personal certificate which is used to sign and encrypt any controlled substance prescriptions sent from OfficeEMR.

Learn more about this process here:

Choosing Your Certificate

For EPCS Prescribing

All IdenTrust solutions for EPCS Prescribing provide Two-Factor Authentication and DEA Compliance. The NEW EPCS Prescribing with Mobile Authentication allows the prescriber to Approve or Decline prescription(s) via a Mobile Device.

IGC Prescribing | Basic Assurance | Individual Identity | Software Storage | Mobile Authentication Solution allows you via your eHR/eMR application to approve or decline written prescriptions using a mobile device. As your eHR/eMR has already integrated the HID Approve solution with their application, you simply install the HID Approve application on your mobile device and approve or decline prescriptions. When you download your personal digital certificate it is stored within the secure browser certificate store which allows you to securely manage your mobile device(s) via the IdenTrust Certificate Management Center application. 

You are required to have your PC/Laptop where you stored your digital certificate in the secure browser certificate store to manage your Mobile Device(s). You may select this certificate option when you choose "BUY NOW" to access the Certificate Selection Wizard process.

Important Information

ONLY THE SUBSCRIBER OF THE CERTIFICATE SHOULD HAVE EXCLUSIVE USE OF THE CERTIFICATE – In all cases, THE DIGITAL CERTIFICATE IS YOUR FORM OF IDENTIFICATION, SIMILAR TO YOUR PASSPORT OR DRIVER’S LICENSE. Under the IGC Certificate Policy, it is our responsibility as an Authorized Certification Authority to revoke the certificate in a case of hardware loss or disclosure or compromise of the private key or any certificate related password to anyone other than the subscriber.