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GSA eOffer/eMod

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The General Services Administration's (GSA) eOffer/e-Mod program is a web-based application that allows companies to electronically prepare and submit a Multiple Award Schedule contract proposal to Federal Acquisition Services. The purpose of eOffer is to create an interactive, secure electronic environment that simplifies the contracting process from submission of proposal to awards. This enables a seamless transmission of data from the vendor community to the Federal Acquisition Services contracting offices.

IdenTrust has been partnering with the GSA since 1999. Customers have provided written and verbal feedback on their high level of satisfaction based on our superb customer service.

Choosing Your Certificate

The GSA eOffer application can accept either IdenTrust Global Common (IGC) or Department of Defense (DoD) External Certification Authority (ECA) certificates.  

Here you can purchase DoD ECA that are compatible with the GSA eOffer/eMod program.

ECA Certificates

  • Available to affiliated individuals
  • Require proof of identity, proof of citizenship and proof of organization affiliation. 
  • ECA Certificates are available in Medium Assurance and Medium Token Assurance levels.
  • Medium Assurance certificates are available to store in your browser (software) or to store on a hardware device (Smart card or USB token)
  • Medium Token Assurance certificates must be stored on a hardware device (Smart card or USB token)
  • If you need to access Department of Defense websites, then you can use an ECA certificate to access both GSA eOffer and the DoD applications.
  • Foreign Nationals residing in countries on our approved ECA Foreign Country List may apply for ECA Medium Assurance Foreign and ECA Medium Token Assurance certificates

Simply select BUY NOW and the IdenTrust Certificate Selection Wizard will assist you in choosing an ECA certificate that is accepted by the GSA eOffer system and will also meet your business needs.

Alternatively, visit the GSA IGC program page if you prefer to purchase an IGC certificate.

Other Resources

Learn more about the GSA eOffer program at

Special Instructions

If purchasing a large volume of certificates for your company, please contact as further discounts may apply.

Important Information

Please note: ONLY THE SUBSCRIBER OF THE CERTIFICATE SHOULD HAVE EXCLUSIVE USE - THE DIGITAL CERTIFICATE IS YOUR FORM OF IDENTIFICATION, SIMILAR TO YOUR PASSPORT OR DRIVERS LICENSE. Under the Certificate Policies governing the issuance and use of certificates offered by IdenTrust, it is our responsibility as an Authorized Certification Authority to revoke the certificate in a case of loss or disclosure of the private key (Password) to anyone other than the subscriber.