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AtCash Atnotarize

Also Known As

AtCash Inc

Partner Bio

Atnotarize is a blockchain based electronic notarization and contracts platform. Atnotarize is simple and easy to use for both customers and notaries. Whether you are a small notary, a large notary house, a law firm, a title company or a financial institution, we have solutions for you.

We specialize in remote online notarizations (RON). We are building capabilities for all other hybrid forms of electronic notarizations. We comply with several state requirements for remote online notarizations (RON) and add new states regularly.

Our model is unique in the industry because it allows you to grow your own business while also benefiting from a marketplace model. Simply embed a link on your own website to do electronic notarizations directly with your customers. You can choose between live notarizations and appointments. You can also decide whether you want us to send your customers through our marketplace.

We have minimal fees and the majority of the revenues go to the notary. For larger and more custom implementations, you can license our solutions, white label them, or consume our API’s. At the heart of our application is a process-based implementation. This allows us to quickly solve for several use cases.

Atnotarize is a product of AtCash Inc., a global technology provider that specializes in remote trust solutions. We have specific technologies focused on identity, video verification, contracts and blockchain that solve a number of use cases. Atnotarize is our solution for remote online notarizations and other forms of electronic notarizations.

Choosing Your Certificate

A notary public is required to have and use an identity-based digital certificate to digitally sign and seal each notarized document.  Once a digital signature is applied, the electronic document is encrypted so that it cannot be modified; thereby protecting against digital tampering and creating a non-repudiable legally binding document, in which relying parties can trust. IGC Notaries | Medium Assurance | Business Identity | Software Storage certificates may also be used for interaction with the Government. Simply select "BUY NOW " and the IdenTrust Certificate Selection Wizard will assist you in choosing a certificate that is accepted by to meet your business needs. Your digital certificate can also be used to secure your email communications through digital signing and encryption.

Applications for IGC Notaries | Basic Assurance | Individual Identity | Software Storage certificates use an automated process that usually takes 24-48 hours. IGC Notaries | Medium Assurance | Business Identity | Software Storage certificate require stronger authentication, including in-person identity proofing of the applicant. Your IGC Notaries | Basic Assurance | Individual Identity | Software Storage certificate is accepted for public use. If you will use your IGC certificate to interact with government agencies, we suggest that you purchase an IGC Notaries | Medium Assurance | Business Identity | Software Storage certificate.

Special Instructions

If you are a notary that is interested in using the Atnotarize platform, please visit or

Important Information

Please note: ONLY THE SUBSCRIBER OF THE CERTIFICATE SHOULD HAVE EXCLUSIVE USE - THE DIGITAL CERTIFICATE IS YOUR FORM OF IDENTIFICATION, SIMILAR TO YOUR PASSPORT OR DRIVERS LICENSE. Under the Certificate Policies governing the issuance and use of certificates offered by IdenTrust, it is our responsibility as an Authorized Certification Authority to revoke the certificate in a case of loss or disclosure of the private key (Password) to anyone other than the subscriber.