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JPAS (Joint Personnel Adjudication System)

IdenTrust is pleased to offer a 5% discount on certificates purchased by JPAS participants

New log-in requirements for accessing JPAS

(6/6/11) Attention JPAS Users (Logon procedures update):

JPAS logon procedures are being updated to provide additional security and privacy of clearance data and personally identifiable information (PII). These changes are pursuant to Department of Defense (DoD) regulations mandating improved security by restricting access to only users with cryptographic logon.

Users will need three items to access JPAS by January 2012. These three items are:
1. An active JPAS account
2. An approved active PKI Certificate; and
3. Hardware and Software needed to read the PKI certificate

JPAS access requires a hardware based PKI credential. There are two types:
arrow ECA Medium Hardware Assurance
arrow ECA Medium Token Assurance

Need help deciding which certificate you need for JPAS?
Click here to watch a quick Video explaining how to get an ECA PKI Certificate for accessing JPAS.

ECA Medium Hardware: This is the preferred identity credential for accessing JPAS. Users have the option of selecting either a Smart Card or a USB Token as the hardware device. The identity vetting is performed in person by a Registration Agent from IdenTrust. IdenTrust has Registration Agents in: San Francisco, CA; Salt Lake City, UT; Huntsville, AL; Miami, FL; and, Washington D.C. In the event you do not live or have access to the Registration Agents in these locations, you can use an ECA Medium Token Assurance certificate.

ECA Medium Token Assurance: Users select either a Smart Card or a USB Token as hardware device. Identity vetting is performed by a Notary Public or an IdenTrust Registration Agent in any of the locations identified above.

It is anticipated that users will experience extended wait times if applicants wait until the last minute to obtain their ECA credential. The standard processing time to obtain a certificate is generally 3-5 business days once IdenTrust receives all signed paperwork and the online application is completed. IdenTrust anticipates that the wait time for applicants who begin this process in the late fall for the January deadline will be from 2 - 4 weeks. Don’t delay, apply for your certificate today.

Important Dates to Remember:
Phase 1 - Common Access Card (CAC)-enabled JPAS deployed on January 15, 2011.
Phase 2 - PK-enabled JPAS will be deployed end of August, 2011-08-10.
Phase 3 - Username and password will be removed in January 2012. For information on obtaining an approved PKI certificate, please view the "Obtaining Future JPAS Methods v1.0" document under the General Information section.

As a reminder, it is against DoD Regulations to share a username and password or allow an individual to access another's JPAS account in any manner. In addition, JPAS accounts that are not accessed frequently (90 days or less) or the user does not meet the account requirements will be deleted per DoD Regulations. If an account is required in the future, a new account will have to be established. If an account was just created and is no longer there, the account may need to be recreated. Please see the JPAS New Account Procedures or the JPAS Account Management Policy on the DMDC JPAS web pages at

For volume discount pricing, please contact: or call 866.299.3335.

IdenTrust offers the following JPAS approved DoD PKI ECA Digital Certificates.

Pricing reflects a 5% discount on all certificates. Discount will be applied at checkout.

All hardware prices include middleware and drivers.

Certificate Type Features
Medium Hardware Assurance
Smart Card and UBS Token
- Assurance Level: Medium Hardware, identity verified by an IdenTrust Agent or Trusted Correspondent AND requires additional forms of identification
- Hardware-based digital certificate stored within a smart card or USB token
- Keys generated and held in FIPS 140-2 level 2 or higher validated smart card
- Keys generated and held in FIPS 140-2 level 2 or higher validated USB token
- Validity: 1 or 3 year certificates
1-year Certificate 3-year Certificate
$170.05 + Hardware
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$346.75 + Hardware
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Medium Token Assurance
Smart Card and UBS Token
- Assurance Level: Medium Token, identity verified by a notary
- Keys generated and held in FIPS 140-2 Level 2 or higher validated smartcard USB Token
- Validity: 1, 2 or 3 year certificates
1-year Certificate 2-year Certificate 3-year Certificate
$132.05 + Hardware
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$229.90 + Hardware
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$266.95 + Hardware
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Hardware (Smart Cards or USB Tokens) may be purchased with Certificates as part of the purchase process. Purchase of hardware includes a one-time license for middleware and drivers necessary for the hardware to function.

Hardware pricing, depending on need:
Smart card $50
Smart card & Card Reader $66
USB token $65

Purchasing 10+ Certificates?
If more than 10 employees in your company need a certificate, IdenTrust offers a program to bulk load the registration of all your employees at the same time and have someone in your organization perform the in-person Identity and Authentication, thereby saving your company time and money as bulk load registrations have discounted pricing. Contact ECA Sales about the Trusted Correspondent Program.

ECA Medium Assurance Foreign Countries Supported:
US Citizens may apply for a digital certificate while in any country with a US Consulate. Upon completion of the online application, identity forms must be signed in the presence of a United States Consular Officer who is authorized to provide notarial services.

Citizens of Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the United Kingdom, while in any of these four countries, may apply for a digital certificate by completing the online application and retrieving the identity forms. Identity forms must be signed in the presence of a United States Consular Officer who is authorized to provide notarial services.

Citizens of other countries require that identity forms are signed in the presence of an Authorized Individual, approved by the Department of Defense. If you do not already have a DoD-approved Individual, one will need to be established before you apply. Please contact the IdenTrust Help Desk for instructions in setting up an Authorized Individual by calling 801.924.8141 or by email at


888.882.1104 (within the US)
801.924.8141 (outside the US)
M-F, 6am-6pm MST

JPAS Video - How to Buy
JPAS Help Desk
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