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Use SAFE Identity certificates for digital document signing and email validation

IdenTrust provides digital certificates that are compliant with SAFE Identity (formerly SAFE-BioPharma®) Digital Identity and Signature Standard. Using technology compliant with these standards, IdenTrust issues digital certificates that provide strong authentication across many SAFE-BioPharma compliant systems, as well as for digital signing and data encryption. SAFE Identity certificates are issued with digital signing capabilities and can be used to digitally sign electronic documents.
Digital signatures created with an identity-based SAFE Identity certificate are legally binding and include a time-stamped signature that cannot be repudiated. Use digital signing to eliminate paper, expedite business processes and to create auditable electronic documentation.  View our document, Electronic Signing versus Digital Signing to learn more about the power of using digital signing in the electronic world in which we transact business. Digital signing can also be used to secure emailed communications and combat email fraud--when receiving a digitally signed email, the recipient will always be confident that the sender is who they represent themselves to be!
IdenTrust offers a turn-key solution to enterprises who have a desire to manage the provisioning of SAFE Identity digital credentials and offers a service accessible via web browser that allows your organization to control the entire certificate lifecycle—from issuance to renewal. Alternatively, organizations can use HID® ActivID® Credential Management System for issuing and managing credentials with smart cards that can be used across multiple systems. Our IdenTrust Sales team can assist you identify opportunities and define your digital signing strategy and to deploy SAFE Identity certificates to your employees and your customers.

Our SAFE Identity a team is on standby to help you plan your certificate implementation!