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SAFE-BioPharma Compliance

IdenTrust® provides digital certificates that are compliant with SAFE-BioPharma® Digital Identity and Signature Standard. IdenTrust uses Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to issue digital certificates that provide strong authentication across many SAFE-BioPharma compliant systems, digital signing and data encryption capabilities.

To learn more about IdenTrust’s SAFE-BioPharma compliance, read the press release, or choose any of the Learn More topics provided below.

Use SAFE-BioPharma Compliant certificates to securely transact business in a digital world

2-Factor Authentication

SAFE-BioPharma Authentication

Implementation of strong authentication through two-factor authentication proves, with greater certainty, an individual's cyber identity

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SAFE Digital Signing

SAFE-BioPharma Digital Signatures

Applying digital signatures using the SAFE-BioPharma standard binds the identity of a signer to his or her digital signature

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Data Encryption

SAFE-BioPharma Data Encryption

Using strong encryption to protect the privacy of emailed communications and to secure data while in transit and at rest

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SAFE-BioPharma Enterprise Solution

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If you are interested in learning more about our enterprise solution for SAFE-BioPharma compliance, contact us at 1 (800) 763-3346 or email us at  View our SAFE-BioPharma Enterprise Solution datasheet