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FAQ Question

What if I need to change information that is included in my SAFE certificate?

FAQ Answer

Certain pieces of information provided during your initial application may change during the certificate's lifetime. Some of these pieces of information can be updated immediately, others will have to wait for the renewal process and some changes will require you submit a new application.  Examples of common changes include:

My mailing address has changed.

You can update the mailing address on your account at any time by logging into the Certificate Management Center (CMC).

Once you have accessed the CMC, locate the prompt labeled Manage Your Account Information and select View/Update Account Information. Make the necessary changes and select Finish.

My headquarters address has changed, or my company's name has changed.

Unfortunately, you are unable to make changes regarding your organization name and/or address. This is because organization information is included in your certificate and can only be used in conjunction with conducting business on behalf of that specific organization.  In order to update an organization, you must obtain a new certificate.  Be aware that if you currently use your certificate to gain access to a federal or state agency, you may also need to re-register with the new company information prior to being able to use the new certificate with the agency system.  We suggest that you contact the appropriate agency for further clarification.

My email address has changed.

You will have the option to change the email address associated with your certificate during the renewal process. It cannot be changed prior to a renewal.  If you must have your current email included in your certificate, you will need to purchase a new certificate.

My name has changed.

You cannot change your name except at when you renew your certificate.  During the renewal process, you will be asked to confirm your name.  At that time you can update to your current legal name, which will be included in your new certificate. If the IdenTrust Registration Department is unable to verify the requested changes, you may be asked to send in proof of the name change by providing additional documentation such as:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Decree (1st, last and page showing the name change)
  • Other court-issued documentation

If you must have a certificate that includes your new name prior to certificate renewal, you will need to purchase a new certificate.