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FAQ Question

What are the reasons that IdenTrust must revoke my certificate?

FAQ Answer

If at any time IdenTrust has been made aware of or has a belief that a certificate/private key has been compromised, we are required by all governing certificate policies to protect the integrity of the certificate by executing a revocation. Once a compromise is identified, IdenTrust must perform a revocation within a specific timeframe as defined by the governing certificate policy. 


Examples where revocation is required include:


  • Evidence that the certificate owner is not the individual who completed the certificate application, but is calling in for technical support. This situation is typically identified when the caller is the account owner, but they cannot answer questions about information contained in the application.
  • Someone other than the certificate holder is calling in for assistance with installation of the certificate and has access to the password and activation code.
  • You are no longer employed by the organization named in your certificate.