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Trust Prime™ Electronic Account Management

Trust Prime™ Video
Trust Prime™ electronic Bank Account Management (eBAM) system enables organizations to electronically manage banks accounts using a single identity credential. This flash demo will give a quick overview of how you can easily add a signer to an existing bank account - all within a few minutes!
Other features of the Trust Prime™ application include account opening, closing and legal entity management. The Trust Prime™ application also provides standard and custom reporting to meet audit and compliance requirements. Our Sales team can provide a full demo of these features.

Trust Sign™ Document Digital Signing

IdenTrust - Avoco Secure Partner Solution
The flash demo illustrates how IdenTrust, using its Trust Sign™ document digital signing technology, and its Trusted Partner Avoco Secure, provide a compelling solution for enabling a paperless environment. The example shows the secure creation, access, and digital signature acceptance of an e-invoice. IdenTrust provides the trusted identity solutions, which Avoco Secure enables and uses, to secure and control communications and add digital signatures to documents.

Supply Chain Financing

IdenTrust-Burns-Financial Partner Solution
This demo illustrates how IdenTrust, together with its Trusted Partner, Burns, deliver an Internet based service which automates the management of the purchase-to-pay cycle. This solution reduces the high cost of traditional processing methods, increases profit margins and provides greater control over working capital.

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